What to visit in Córdoba

In Córdoba we can enjoy a lot of history, spectacle, beauty and above all of its people.

For that reason, to make tourism in Cordoba is to enjoy a great pleasure of life, because it has history and tradition, also the only city that has 4 World Heritage Sites.

Places where you can do tourism in Córdoba.

The Cathedral Mosque: an incredible work of art, of which today we can enjoy and fall in love with its beauty, since it is the only one in the world that has a Cathedral within the same Mosque. It was built with the reconquest of the Christian Monarchs and also has a patio of the orange trees, which makes the atmosphere relaxing and comfortable.

Royal Stables: place with a great history. In them, you can feel how its walls convey elegance and above all tradition.

Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos: it is a place that has a great variety of plants, making it a flower show. This show along with its fountains, creates a more comfortable and comfortable environment.

Los Patios de Córdoba: where we can enjoy a neighborhood patio with a wide variety of flowers, and especially the typical flowers as they are; the geraniums, typical flower of the city, which transmits joy and the arrival of spring.

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Do not let anyone tell you.

Plan your tourism in the city of Córdoba. You can tell your own story and convey what the people of the city transmit.

Córdoba is the only city that has 4 World Heritage Sites.

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